Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Nursery "In Progress"

Alright, I'm keeping it real and showing the chaos. :)

Here's the messy "in progress" photo of our nursery. Yup, full chaotic glory! This is mid-action of my sorting/cleaning/washing/folding/unwrapping frenzy. (The rooms a mess, but isn't the pale pink pretty?)

A room full of baby stuff: hand-me-downs, presents, new purchases, stuff to be returned. Where to begin?!
I organized the changing table drawers while sitting on the exercise ball because I'm a full blown heffalump right now with my giant belly; my back and feet kill me if I stand for any purposeful length of time. Super annoying. So at least sitting on the ball while I cut tags off baby clothes and folded clean onesies helped alleviate some of the pain. 

Did I mention I probably spent a good two hours cutting freaking tags off things?

I swear some of the outfits and blankets come with close to a dozen of those white near-invisible plastic little tags. (Of course I'd cut one in half, lose the other half somewhere deep in a sleeve only to spend five minutes locating it imagining my future baby screaming in agony because I had left that one tiny plastic pokey fall into a sleeve never to be found.)

After tag cutting I was able to sort clothes by color and get them washed pretty quickly. Luckily I didn't destroy any of the cute clothes and all the super soft items like the Petunia Pickle Bottom blanket that my friend Kailyn gave us came out equally soft as before the wash.

Some of the piles of clothes waiting to be washed - whites, yellows and lots of Pink. I think my baby already owns more clothes than I do! ha ha.
This is the dresser we bought at Ikea that's going to be our changing table. I had a hard time picking out one - most that I liked were too long for the future house/new nursery room. But this one is still a decent size.
Pile of pinks waiting to be folded.
Pink pink everywhere
I've finally got all the clothes washed and put away. Now we just need to setup the bookcase, basket cubby, etc. and add all the decorative flair! Finally getting to the fun part! 

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  1. LOVE love love love LOVE!!!! omg i'm so flippin' excited about this little baby nugget! xo kate


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