Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Organize-Before-Baby!

Lately I've been having terrible insomnia and I just lay in bed my mind racing with everything I have to do before the baby and/or as part of moving.

Moving is one thing, but moving and setting up a barn, and setting up a nursery, not knowing what my physical limitations might be in the future and how much I'll be able to control freak manage help, and the list of everything we still have to do before the baby, before we can move my horse, before we can move us, before we can get renters in our current house - all of it is very overwhelming. Thus the insomnia. (And thus I'm falling asleep at 7pm on the couch not getting anything done only making the situation worse).

A little glimpse of last night at 1am:

So today, I've decided to snap out of it (voice of Cher from Moonstruck) and task-master some of this crap! I'm gonna kick-TO DO-ass and take names!

Initiate Project Organize B4 BABY!

I snagged a nice small notebook I've named "Big Book of Lists" and I'm writing all that crap down: To Buy for Baby, To Buy for New House, To Do at New House, To Do for Barn/Moving Mysti, To Do at Current House, To Do for Nursery, To Do Before Baby and To Do Before Maternity Leave !  And then bird by bird, gonna get it all done.

This week the big 2 on my list:

Get my office/art room organized so I don't cringe when I walk into it AND Get "the photo situation" under control.

Which means:

1. Purging old art supplies I haven't use, won't use. (I'll post some pictures of my hoarder paint area. Its not pretty)
2. Organizing supplies into an easier to find/use system (who knows when I'll have time to paint after the baby. Need to make it as convenient as possible for when I do have time)
3. Sort thru old photos, and organize them a little better than the mish-mash of shoeboxes I've got going on right now.
4. Cull and organize my photo file folders on my home computer and work computer. (I know my camera will be blowing up with new baby and home photos, and if I don't rein in the mess now, its only going to get worse.)
5. Back up photos to hard drive!

Bird-by-bird baby! It's gonna happen.

And then I'm going to sleep for hoursssssssssssssssssss......

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