Monday, November 26, 2012

Packing Helper

I'm back from a very wonderful Thanksgiving - lots of food and fun and family. Hope everyone had a wonderful time too!

It actually ended up being a very productive Thanksgiving weekend with only a little bit of slothing around.

Since its looking more and more like we won't be moving before the baby, we've been trying to prepare for baby to come home at our current house, so we spent a good chunk of time clearing out the to-be nursery room, packing up crap, and organizing the boxes as best we could in our spare bedroom.

And as you can imagine we had a lot of "help" from our cats. Namely Thomas O'Malley. We dubbed him our Chief Packing Director since he was underfoot helping pretty much 90% of the time.

Here he is handling Quality Assurance of Packing Materials.

Soft enough to sleep in? Soft enough to use for packin! Approved!

And of course he was all over Box Load & Balance Analysis in the closet.

Marked fragile? Let's see about that.
Not to mention Cleaning & Safety Inspector.

COBWEBS?! Someone is fired!

And in typical Director fashion he made sure his Assistant Monkeys were on hand the entire time to be at his beck and call to really get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Lift me down He-Monkey, I am ready to move on to my next job of the day - sleeping.

No one helps with packing better than cats. ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baby Diaper Cake

Not much to blog about on the "Project Organization" front.....progress has been slow. Ugh.

How do you sort through photos without looking at them and getting all sentimental and nostalgic and taking hours to do it?

So instead of posting about my slim progress on that - I have to share some photos of my Mom's craftiness from the shower she hosted for me because I was so impressed with her handiwork!

(I've been very spoiled and had 2 showers thrown for me and have had so much fun and gotten so many wonderful items.  My friends at work are throwing me one tomorrow too! I can't believe how generous and supportive people have been.)

Here is the awesome diaper cake she made for me! I knew she was making one...she can't keep a secret at all, but I made her keep the theme a surprise. ha ha. It was so darned cute!
Not only was it super cute, but it was full of useful items too!

Little washclothes, socks, bows, bibs, spoons, bottle cleaners and over 240 diapers!
I don't know what I love more the little ballet socks, or the pink paw print socks - so adorable!
Grandma-to-be and the "cake" she made

I don't know the specifics of how she assembled it, but she said it was pretty easy. She said you just have to roll the diapers super tight and then use a bow or string to tie around them, and then stack the layers and stuff with the accessories.
She also made a really cute diaper caterpillar that was at the entrance. I love that his face has a pacifier in it!
Didn't she do a great job?! Thanks Mom!
Right now the majority of the gifts and baby items we received are packed up in boxes, waiting for the move. I can't wait to unpack and organize them! And then actually use them - January will be here soon!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Project Organize-Before-Baby!

Lately I've been having terrible insomnia and I just lay in bed my mind racing with everything I have to do before the baby and/or as part of moving.

Moving is one thing, but moving and setting up a barn, and setting up a nursery, not knowing what my physical limitations might be in the future and how much I'll be able to control freak manage help, and the list of everything we still have to do before the baby, before we can move my horse, before we can move us, before we can get renters in our current house - all of it is very overwhelming. Thus the insomnia. (And thus I'm falling asleep at 7pm on the couch not getting anything done only making the situation worse).

A little glimpse of last night at 1am:

So today, I've decided to snap out of it (voice of Cher from Moonstruck) and task-master some of this crap! I'm gonna kick-TO DO-ass and take names!

Initiate Project Organize B4 BABY!

I snagged a nice small notebook I've named "Big Book of Lists" and I'm writing all that crap down: To Buy for Baby, To Buy for New House, To Do at New House, To Do for Barn/Moving Mysti, To Do at Current House, To Do for Nursery, To Do Before Baby and To Do Before Maternity Leave !  And then bird by bird, gonna get it all done.

This week the big 2 on my list:

Get my office/art room organized so I don't cringe when I walk into it AND Get "the photo situation" under control.

Which means:

1. Purging old art supplies I haven't use, won't use. (I'll post some pictures of my hoarder paint area. Its not pretty)
2. Organizing supplies into an easier to find/use system (who knows when I'll have time to paint after the baby. Need to make it as convenient as possible for when I do have time)
3. Sort thru old photos, and organize them a little better than the mish-mash of shoeboxes I've got going on right now.
4. Cull and organize my photo file folders on my home computer and work computer. (I know my camera will be blowing up with new baby and home photos, and if I don't rein in the mess now, its only going to get worse.)
5. Back up photos to hard drive!

Bird-by-bird baby! It's gonna happen.

And then I'm going to sleep for hoursssssssssssssssssss......

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You Veterans

Today, I'm thinking of all US Veterans and hoping they feel honored and appreciated today. I think few people really understand the sacrifices they make - emotionally, physically, and mentally. I only know secondhand from the stories and experiences of the few veterans I know, but that's enough for me to say thank you. And so it's not just lip service when I say our country wouldn't be the same without their courage, dedication and sacrifice. 

(Its amazing to me that statisically they make up such a small percentage of our country's population. In 2010 less than 1% of our population in currently in uniform, and around 7% of our population are veterans. Interesting article here)

Today I'm especially thinking of:

 - My grandpa, Glen, who served in the Navy during WWII. When he speaks of the times he served and the bravery of his fellow sailors and marines, and the willingness and courage of his brothers and friends to sign up for war, it moves me deeply.

 - The love of my life, my husband Kevin, who served in Iraq. Baby, it seems just like a shadow of a memory sometimes and so long ago. But then days like today, when I lay down with you to take a nap and I hear your heartbeat, and feel your strong arms around me and feel so at peace and so happy, I'm reminded of how endless and terrible the nights were when you were gone. And how I would cry myself to sleep,  just wishing and praying to feel your arms around me again, and here you are back in my arms. I'm so thankful you're home.

 - My brother-in-law, Nate, who is currently serving in Afghanistan and his amazing wife Katie (my husband's sister). It's his second deployment and contrary to popular belief, that doesn't make it any easier for them, its just as hard if not harder! They both are holding on so strong, and so dedicated to each other thru this time apart, they make Kevin and I proud every day. We are thinking of you Nate and can't wait for you to come home safe and sound.

Thank you.

I know words like valor and dedication and honor aren't even enough to describe Veterans... so
I have no real words except, thank you all.



Thursday, November 8, 2012

Card Crafting

I've been making "thank you" cards when I have spare time and I'm having a lot of fun - I'm a little less OCD about them compared to when I work on an actual scrapbook, so its a little more relaxing and I can craft-out while watching Gilmore Girls.

I was originally thinking it was a nice way to personalize thank you cards, and I could also save some money seeing as I have lots of scrapbook paper leftover and just a pack of white stock cards isn't too pricey.

That was until I went into Ben Franklin's "just to get maybe a few sheets of baby-themed paper and a few extra embellishments to fancy it up"; I left with $50 worth of paper, glitter, glitter ribbons, sparkles, glue, ink, and candles. Oops. Note to self - avoid craft stores until our house closes and I'm no longer supposed to be on a spending freeze.

But I was really glad I went because I found the cutest Classic Winnie-the-Pooh scrapbook papers; as we are doing Classic Winnie the Pooh for our nursery theme, I thought I could think of some brilliant way to use it. It was like $1.50 a sheet, so instead of buying just five sheets of the ones I liked - I bought the entire set of a dozen different papers for $18. Craft hoarder logic: "Its a deal, I'm saving money!" ha ha.

Was thinking I could add baby's initials, or a picture of her, or 3-D out the characters in a shadowbox for the nursery with a pooh-quote. I'll have to decide once we actually get her room up! (You can't tell here, but there are slight sparkles/glitters in the flowers and trees. Its redonk and I love it!)

I thought hubby would be annoyed at me for wasting $20 on a set of paper but when I showed him he thought it was adorable and will look great. Love a man that can appreciate Winnie-the-Pooh. ;)

A photo from our trip to Disneyland 10 years ago....Winnie-the-Pooh dorks even then! 
(Man this photo makes me feel old now..its from over a DECADE ago!) 

Here are some of the cards I made. I snagged the Pooh and Piglet stamps on ebay. And I used this nifty acrylic stamp where you put letters on it for the "Thanks". It worked pretty well except I kept pressing too hard and getting the edges of the stamp pressing ink everywhere. Irk!

This one was my favorite. Not only because it was sparkly and pink and girly and kinda vintage with the background faded paper - but because I didn't smudge any of the stamp edges with the Piglet and Pooh stamps like I did on the others. ha ha. 
I kinda wanted to keep this one for myself, cause I thought it was so cute. But I sent it out to my Aunt Rachelle who also likes things that are pink and vintagey and knew she would appreciate the dazzle as much as I did.
I only made about 30, and need to make some more because I've run out already.
I plan to make some more this weekend - but only with the supplies I have left, no more craft-store trips! ;) Good plan, right?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Some Pics from the Missing Weeks

Normally I am a camera hound - especially in the summer - where with our Seattle weather we have only so many nice sunny days before the gray comes back. But due to my alien-parasite zombie sickness morning-sickness I barely snapped any, which of course I'm regretting. But I did get a few on some of my better days, here's what I did in the missing weeks.
A pic of my beautiful horse from August. She got really sun bleached this summer and turned so red.

Blackberry picking and pies! (Mostly my hubby picking while I sat in the grass eating the berries. ha ha. The only food I could stomach for about 3 months was fruit.)

Obviously I need to get better at food photography...this looks surprisingly unappetizing.
But I blame the ugly counter tops.

More pretty pictures of my biggest four-legged baby....

And my second biggest fur-baby...look at that marshmallow pudding belly!
Thomas O'Malley taking a nap with me on the couch
One of Mysti's pasture mates - Hooch. He is the cutest mustang and a better model than my girl. He's always willing to pose (and I don't have to make many weird sounds to catch his attention unlike my pig who is always more interested in grazing than looking at the camera).

Sick of horse photos yet? Impossible, right? ;)  Another pic of Mysti with buddies Hooch and Chex.

Possibly one of the best afternoons ever! My Mom dog-sat a 10-week old Scottish Terrier named Bazil. He was the CUTEST. THING. EVER. I pretty much hyperventilated as soon as I walked in the door and saw his stubby little legs and weasel body come bounding over to me.
I've never seen a Scotty dog as a puppy before...only as full grown dogs. It felt magical, like seeing a baby mermaid or something.  

Look at the stumpy widdle legs and his giant noggin!!! (Yes I high-octave babytalked to him the entire afternoon.)

My brother Drew holding Bazil. Look at his floppy ears and giant fat paws. His paws were warm and thick and spongy like soft taters and smelled like Fritos. Mmmm, puppy paws!
Just about every picture I took was a blur - he was a little fireball of energy.

I would have loved to have taken him home....he was so darned cute. I can't wait until the day we can own a dog.
In September as I was starting to feel a little better, hubby took me camping to Kalaloch, part of Olympic National Park. He camped there every year as a kid and it holds such special memories for him, so it was really neat to retrace his footsteps with him and explore the area.

Even though the weather wasn't great, I really liked the misty, moodiness of the beach.

The camping wasn't too bad. Not the best night of sleep being 5 months pregnant sleeping on the ground, but it was fun to rough it and enjoy the campfire.

It was a really romantic trip and I'm so glad we were able to get away for the weekend - away from house buying and baby-prepping stress.

We try to snap one of these anytime we travel to a beach. Forgot the year though - dang.

Nerd alert. Yes I do things like this to my husband: "Look at that cool tree! Run over there and pose with it!" I can only imagine what I'll do to my kid in the future. ha ha.
Some more horsey photos...
Hooch looking handsome

Mysti in the sun
And finally a pic of one of the ink drawings I've done lately. I've got a few dog drawings commissions for Christmas which I'm excited about. 

And finally, the house we have an offer on. I don't want to show any photos until its a done deal - can't jinx it! - but its the house I mentioned months ago. Its a pretty-close to perfect setup for us. The house isn't super huge or very unique or super amazing....but the location, the acreage, the horse setup, the shop setup - it would just fit our lifestyle so well.
Hopefully we will hear soon when our "close" date is. We are still pending...and have been pending for months. Ugh. To quote my Aunt Deeann, "Why is it called a short sale when every one I hear about takes so friggin long. Should be called a long sale! Or pain-in-my-butt sale!" ha ha.
Fingers crossed.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

And the winner for longest blog hiatus is......


Last post was back in June....eerp. (Please ignore that my last post was also declaring that I was back after a blogging absence. ha ha. This time I mean it. No seriously.)

So why the absence? And what happened in the missing weeks, er, months?


The summer got pretty crazy and busy, especially with house-buying drama, but the main thing that took over life was this:

A Baby Girl on the way!

We were thrilled to find out that I was pregnant......but I was not so thrilled for the misery and sickness that followed. It wasn't morning sickness, it was all-day sickness.

It was like the worst hangover + the stomach flu + terrible jetlag + some good ol' Victorian fainting spells + emo tween moodiness. I feel really bad for my friends and family who had to enjoy my...sparkling personality during those months. (Sorry guys. Especially my husband.)

 It was a slog just to get through each day and I literally did the bare minimum with my horse and at home. I mostly was a zombie. Who cried a lot.

I wasn't really prepared for just how much it would suck all energy and abilities and any personality out of me. And so blogging got pushed back as "something I'll do when I'm feeling more like myself". Thus the crazy long absence. :)

But I'm finally feeling great! (Well as great as one can feel with a cauliflower pressing into my guts getting in the way).And there's been so much happening that I've been itching to blog and even though I feel like a dork for trying to re-start blogging after such a long absence, I figured I might as well just dive back in - cause I have lots of things pending on the horizon that I'm excited to geek out about.

And not just baby stuff, this isn't going to be an all-baby all-the-time blog. But I got lots of art stuff and home projects and barn projects on the horizon (hello, Possible New House!).

So as in quick nutshell update:

*Baby Girl - name to be decided still - is due at the end of January.

*We have an offer on a house - a short sale - that we are pending on. We HOPE to be in before the end of January. Fingers crossed. More on that after we get things finalized. (It's been 3 months so far since our final accepted offer....could this process be any more stressful and frustrating? Anyone else had experiences with short sales that have lasted this long? Blergh!)

*My amazing Hubby is a workaholic maniac working 80+ hour weeks, doing overtime every possible chance so we can afford the new house and all the move-in costs.

*I'm no longer riding due to the pregnancy so my horse is getting fatter each day. (Kinda like her mom. ha!) And our cats are loving each box we bring home for packing - jungle gym time.

*Life is good :)

~ K.

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