Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm back, sorry!

I dropped off the face of the earth there for awhile. I'm new to blogging, and realize this is a quick way to lose the few two followers I have (hi friends!), so please accept my apologies for just vanishing.

I've had a turbulent few weeks of good and bad happenings, plus I was slammed with finishing up some family portraits, some more house buying drama (oh-vey is right!), and on top of that feeling super crappy and sick and just needed to sleep for endless hours.

I didn't mean to forget my burgeoning little blog - which is supposed to be my nice encouraging angel on my shoulder: be creative! make art! share cool happy things! - but I had to sort of shut down and just deal with some of the stuff going on and ignore my then pestering little blog "why haven't you painted?! What's going with the scrapbook stuff? Where's that finished drawing?"

But I'm back now. :)

And to catch up my house-saga followers - we killed the deal on the house. Sigh. Cry. Sniff. And then the bank came back with an offer that was exactly what we were looking for, BUT we still walked away. Ultimately I decided that is was too far of a commute to not have horse riding trails accessible from the property. Tough decision to make, and was something I just had to go with my gut on. Luckily I have the most understanding horse-husband in the world, so he stood by my choice 100%.

So we are back to house hunting.......(and omg, we did find something else PERFECT. And I mean perfect in every way - amazing barn in perfect shape, access to horse trails, exactly what we wanted in a house, I had butterflies looking at it. We were going to make an offer, ONLY to find out it had a $20,000 lien on it that we would have to pay on top of the asking price. And while we've been scrimping and saving, we don't have that kinda cash to just drop on a lien. Eeek. Now would be a really good time to win the lottery. So we had to say goodbye. Back to looking.)

That's all for now...but I'm going to post my final picmonkey tip soon (people makeovers! yay!) and show you some drawings I've been starting.

Happy Monday.

~ K

look at those pearly whites!
PS - I'd like to thank my small brained horse for breaking through the wire fence last night resulting in several small cuts and lacerations on her legs. Her herd-bound-ness is getting ridiculous. (Its a good thing you're cute and make me laugh, cause you sure are a pain in my rear sometimes!)
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