Thursday, March 15, 2012

Photos on Canvas Project

Our entry wall has been really ignored and pretty darn lame for quite awhile. For longer than I'd like to admit, it looked like this:

our kittens Bella & Thomas, from 2008
(The adorable kittens are wonderful, its what's on the wall behind them. Yes, ladies and gentlemen that is a framed poster of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Are you cringing with me yet? My husband insisted and argued and fought for it. For days. Weeks. Seriously. Finally I gave in. Can't win them all. And I knew once we were able to afford to repaint the room he would realize it didn't quite fit in the room, or anywhere, besides a college dorm room. Sure enough when we finally painted the room, "Arnie" came down. We are saving it for the future home gym. :))

And then for a long long time the wall was just blank.

We didn't have the money to do buy a huge art print and get it framed,  I didn't want to do a lot of black frames because the rest of the room is so light and netural, none of my paintings worked in that room, yada I just left it blank until we could afford to do something fabulous.

Then lo and behold, I found the fabulous something that wouldn't break the bank, when I saw this post on Young House Love!

It's fairly affordable, it looks good and I LOVE horse art. And since I have a ton of photos of my horse (but none hanging in our house) it was the perfect solution!

I found a few photos that I had made sepia and jazzed up a bit earlier in the year, because they were so boring in color. And I thought that they would look nice on the wall since our room is all warm earth tones.

My beautiful horse, in a not so beautiful photo

At least I remembered to photoshop the fly off her face here. ha ha.

Another kinda boring photo that looks more interesting in sepia in my opinion.

Crap, forgot to photoshop out the stupid fly.

Since I knew I wanted to do a multi-picture arrangment - and that a wall of ALL horse photos might be a bit overkill - I used a few other favorite photos of ours, like this photo of our cat Bella.

Our sweet cat Bella, who died in 2009. We miss her. 

Look you can see the Arnie poster in the background! ha ha
And I couldn't resist another horse one :)
My favorite photo of Mysti. I actually prefer it in color, so I might use this somewhere else in my house and replace this photo on the wall with something else.

Not too bad all tricked out in soft focus/sepia too
I printed out the enlargements at Costco and took them with me to pick out the right canvas size. 

I didn't take any in-progress photos unfortunately, but they were so easy to do: I just cropped the photos using a scrapbook paper cutter as needed, then painted Mod Podge on the canvas, then slapped the photo on there. I tried not to be a perfectionist about if they weren't on there perfectly straight, and just pushed/pulled the edges until it look about right. Then I dried them face down to prevent any wrinkles or bubbling. After about a half hour, I hung them up and I think they look great!

Ignore the weird light on the wall from the window in our door.
 I took this way late in the afternoon and the light was fading fast, so its not the best clarity.

I can't remember exactly the total cost, but I remember being pleased that it cost less than $50 total.
 - About $16 for the photo enlargements. Five 8x10's, Two 12x18 photos.
 - Around $30 for the canvas (I couldn't find 12x18 canvas so I used 12x16 and then just cropped the photos, which I wasn't too thrilled about but they turned okay) 

Another view:

I love how the edge of the canvas is so clean and bright.

Close up of the photo against the canvas
its glued pretty tightly and hasn't curled up on the edges at all

I'm really thrilled with how quick and easy this turned out. It was a great way to bring something personal and artsy into our house. Slowly but surely we're making our house a "home."

What projects are you working on to make your house a home?


  1. They came out beautiful. I just made one a few days ago myself and I have no problem at all. Can't wait to make more.

  2. Thanks so much! I was surprised at how easy they were too.

  3. I love this idea and need to do it in my house! Looks wonderful Kacy!

  4. These are awesome!!!! All you had to use was modge podge? That sounds like something I could even do..LOL! Do you have to put any glaze or anything over the top of the picture...or just the "modge" on the canvas (back of the pic)? Thanks Kacy!

  5. Thanks! :) Yeah, I just painted modge podge on the canvas and then put the photo on. I didn't go over the photo to glaze it or anything. I think I might have painted an edge or too if it looked like it wasn't sealing properly.You should make some, they are so easy and fun


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