Friday, March 16, 2012

Pen Drawing: "An Apple For A Unicorn"

I love drawing with superfine pens! These are my favorite - I love the 02 and 03 sizes.

There's something really fun and immediately satisfying compared to pencil. And I find I get less fussy and OCD about mistakes I make as I go. (Which is odd because its a lot harder to correct mistakes in pen.) Maybe because it feels more like doodling and "I'm doing it for fun"? I can ignore the mean perfectionist critic in my head and just enjoy putting pen to paper and seeing where it goes.

Like with this drawing:

I started doodling a unicorn head one night, getting crazy with the mane like I usually do (I love long flowing horse manes - in real life and in art) and then it just launched into a whole scene from there. (Almost 30 and I still like drawing unicorns and girls in pretty dresses. Nerd alert.)

And even though there are a lot of messy mistakes and overlaps and things I could have drawn a lot better (the unicorn horn, her eye) and things I really dislike (the belt! Ug!) I enjoyed drawing this - which is what art is all about, right? :)

My favorite part of drawing this was the shoes and books. I'm itching to color them in.
(The stockings next to them didn't turn out so hot. Ignore those. ha ha)
I also like the unicorn head and the little braids. (Don't ya know unicorns usually have braids from fairies? ;) )

I'm really tempted to color it all in with some watercolor because it would be so fun! Plus its really busy and nothing really stands out. It would be cool to make some parts of it pop - like the apple, or her dress.

I'll post if I decide to color it in. Its been a long time since I had some fun with a coloring book.


  1. Kac, your drawings are always so amazing. You call it doodling, but it is so fine detailed.

  2. Thanks! :) its those fine point pens! Makes it really easy to get details.

  3. I remember you doing something like this on even an Etch a Sketch! You are truly an artist!

  4. Love it! More more more!!! -erika <3

  5. I love your drawing. I was wondering if I could copy, giving you full credit for, the drawing and watercolor paint it? It would only be given to my niece for her birthday and would include your and my name. If not I totally understand. I enjoy this drawing so much I just had to ask. :)

    1. Thank you Jamie! I appreciate your asking, I am in the process of getting this and others up for sale on an etsy store but don't quite have them ready to go yet. Can you email me please and I'll send you a copy for free (it will have my name on it smaller that way) since you were nice to ask rather than try and copy it? (And maybe you'll spread the word about my store afterwards :) thanks) email me at: kacymichelle -at-


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