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In My Makeup Bag: Top Ten

Confession: I love makeup! I love when I have time to get all gussied up and I also love doing other's makeup (its like painting!). I have sort of an obession with trying new products and get really excited about doing makeup - even though a majority of the time I don't really spend a lot of time doing makeup. A lot of days I just slap on lipgloss or some blush and then get ready to hear "you look tired today" a lot. ha ha (There are those days when I would rather have my sleep then spend the extra 15-20 minutes doing makeup). 
As I've gotten older, I've started splurging a little more on higher end makeup and I've noticed a difference. The staying power, color richness and textures are all a little better than the drugstore stuff.
Here are my top ten products I'm pretty obsessed with now:
In My Makeup Bag: Top Ten

1. Sheer City Block Bronze - Clinque ($20)

I love this product - its like a tinted moisturizer but with more bronze in it and its a really nice goldeny bronze. I feel less Seattle ghostly when I wear it. It goes on fairly sheer and it has SPF protection. But I've just discovered they've discontinuted it, and I'm almost out - eek! I know they make it without the bronze, so maybe I'll to try the regular one.

2. Moon Beam - Benefit ($26)
I got a little version of this in a sephora "glitz and glam" pack and I LOVE it. It's like a pearly iridescent highlighter. It comes with a little brush (like nailpolish) and its really easy to put on. I do a few dots along my cheekbones, a dot in the corner of my eyes, and at the arch of my eyebrows and blend in with my finger. It just brightens your face amazingly. I like it because it's very sheer and doesn't feel heavy on your face. (Benefit also makes a bronzey one that I think will be perfect for summer)

3. Illuminating Super Orgasm - Nars ($30)  
This stuff is worth every penny! I love the powder blush version of this too, but for more of a dewy look, this is my go to stuff. It gives your face a really nice pinky-peachy natural flush (much like the name would suggest, ha ha) but it also has a hint of shimmer in it. The color looks really strong but it's not so bright. I like that you can wear a little and have it be more natural, or if I'm going for the whole shebang with foundation, concealer, etc I can put it on a little heavier. I just use my finger tips.

4. Mineral Veil - Bare Esentuals ($20)

I don't wear a lot of powder usually, because my face is fairly dry and I think too much powder just makes it really obvious when you're wearing makeup. However, I really like this product because its so light and it doesn't settle heavily on your face. Very nice natural looking coverage. 

5. Sparklicity Pure - Tarina Tarantino

This is awesome shimmer dust. Its light and shimmery, not total sparkles, and is a great all purpose shimmer - for on your face, or all over your skin. It can go on really light, or really heavy depending upon how you use it.  (I also love the Too Faced Glamour Dust as well. Another excellent shimmer dust)

6. Naked eyeshadow - Urban Decay ($50)

I caved and spent a ridiculous amount of money on this eyeshadow palette - and man do I love it! I love it so much I want to buy another just in case they discontinue it. The shadows are buttery and velvety, not all loose and powdery. Some of them have a little more glitter in them, and others are great neutral smoky tones. I really like that when I apply this eyeshadow it doesn't float and fly all over landing on my cheeks and undereyes. Sometimes I just use my finger and get a dab of the lighter colors on my lids, other times I use an angled brush and do more of a smokey look - its so much fun with all the different colors. There's not a bad one in this palette. I also love that the color says put and the colors lasts for quite awhile even without eyeshadow primer.

7. Larger than Life Longwear eyeliner - Nars ($23)

This eyeliner rocks! I did a hand swatch of several different eyeliners one day and this one held on the longest, and also went on the silkiest, and had the best black (some of them were more blue black). I LOVE it. When I put it on it doesn't end up caking in the corners of my eyes, or end up disappearing as the day goes on. (I also like Nars' smudgeproof base/primer). And this eyeliner rocks because its not gloopy or hard to control so you can still do fine lines.

8. Buxom lip gloss - Bare escentuals/sephora 
This is a great lip gloss. It has peppermint oil that makes your lingles tingle and feel all minty, but it also feels very hydrating and not sticky. I love all the variety of colors and tints and I'm pleased with how long it lasts.

9. Smashbox eyeshadow
The 3 color palette pictured above in the big pictured has been discontinued I believe (Smashing palette - "Flash") but that peachy color is my all time favorite color. I love smashbox eyeshadows, they are so velvety and they last a really long time. Not powdery or drying at all.

10. Define-a-lash - Mabelline
I haven't found one product that I'm really loyal too - I tend to jump around when it comes to mascara - but I am pretty darn happy this one. Its not clumpy or thick, it has a really liquidy feel and the silicone brush makes it really easy to use. It doesn't flake off as the day goes by, and doesn't leave black tinges on my eyelids either.

What products are your must haves?

<I have not been paid or given freebies to endorse any of these products. This is just my opinion and enthusiasm for makeup.> 

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